Benedicts, Norwich, Norfolk

Luke & Richard Bainbridge of Benedicts, bumped in to each other at The AA Awards in London late last year and joked about doing a collaborative dinner together. Well – it’s happening! Luke, Stacey & the guys will travel down to Norwich and cook some tasty summer grub with Richard and his team at their restaurant. Ticket pricing and menus is to be confirmed.


Restaurant De Zeeuw, Amsterdam, Summer 2019

Luke & Jeroen De Zeeuw first became friends when they met at The Fat Duck, 10 years ago in 2009. They have kept in touch ever since, both opened up their own restaurants with their partners and have decided to collaborate on producing an epic ‘four hands dinner’, back to back across two evenings in the summer. More details will be released soon...

Date Monday 19th Tuesday 20th August.